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Upcoming Sales


26 Feb – 1 Mar 2024

Close: 1 Mar @12:00 GST

DDE Tender Floor, Dubai
26–29 Feb

Presenting a sale of SAR & ANGOLA productions from melee through 10.80ct+ single stones.


12–15 February 2024

Close: 15 Feb @12:00 GST

DDE Tender Floor, Dubai
12–14 Feb

Original Zimbabwe rough production (few hundred thousand cts) from melée through 10.80ct+ single stones, ROM, and assortments.



5–9 February 2024

Close: 9 Feb @12:00 GST

DDE Tender Floor, Dubai
5–8 Feb

Presenting a sale of SAR & ANGOLA productions from melee through 10.80ct+ single stones.


Our Numbers

Since 2015, we have achieved record-breaking sales year on year.
Our numbers speak for themselves.

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Global Locations

Our Services

Koin International is a global leader in diamond tenders and sales, and one of the top tier tender houses in the Dubai Diamond Exchange. By combining our experience, expertise, innovation and passion with a long-term investment in our relationships, we deliver the best possible solutions for our suppliers and buyers. With our proven track record and methodology, partnering with Koin means we are committed to your success.

Diamond Tenders & Auctions

We hold regular sales in Dubai,  representing rough suppliers from mines and large scale rough producers, to smaller artisanal “diggers”. Bidding is via our secure online bidding platform.

Rough Sorting & Evaluation

Our experienced team is skilled at advising on and creating the best possible assortments in order to create attractive and competitive parcel lots. 


Most Koin sales are conducted at the DDE’s highly secure and state-of-the-art viewing facilities with capacity for up to 40 viewing rooms, or in our own private viewing offices. 

Our Team

Koin draws on years of irreplaceable hands-on experience within the industry, with a team who together combine over 95 years of experience in almost every area of production from source to retail. Our passion and expertise, along with the strategic relationships we build with our clients, is the driving force behind our success.

Adam Schulman


Internationally renown for spearheading the development of rough and polished diamond tenders over the past 20 years.

Martin Gill


Extensive experience and expertise in buying, pricing and assorting, assessing and adapting to market volatility.

Our Story

At Koin, we don’t just sell diamonds. We are one chapter in the life of a diamond from its creation deep in the heart of the earth, to its final transformation as a sparkling symbol of eternity. At every step along the way, we are invested in the people who bring this story to life — our suppliers, our buyers, and our staff.

The Koin story isn’t just about diamonds. It’s also about the relationships we build. It’s about trust, integrity, commitment and respect. It’s about how to carry the story forward, together.

Our News

Keep up with what’s going on at Koin through our social media and news.

Stunning +10.80 Cts Fancy Colour Yellow at Koin tender happening on 26-29 February. 💎 ...

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Upcoming Koin tender in Dubai from 26 to 29 February. 💎 ...

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