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Koin International is a full service international tender house with a comprehensive range of services available to buyers and suppliers. With our proven track record and methodology, we deliver the best possible solutions for our suppliers and buyers.

Diamond Tenders & Auctions

Koin International is a full service international tender house with a comprehensive range of services available to buyers and suppliers.

Koin stands out from other tender houses due to our distinct focus on building personal relationships and implementing innovative marketing and branding strategies. Innovation and relationship-building form the core of our business philosophy, reflected in everything we do. We take pride in being trailblazers and earning a reputation as the trusted name in diamond tenders.

Our expertise spans the entire supply pipeline, representing mines, rough producers of various sizes, through to smaller artisanal diggers. Our capabilities encompass rough natural diamonds, polished diamonds, and a newly developed division for lab-grown rough diamonds. We handle a wide range of rough, including ROM, melee, larger and single stones, as well as fancy colour and exceptional stones.

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Member of the Dubai Diamond exchange since 2015.

Initiator and founder member of the DDE Tender Best Practice Forum, a world-first initiative established to advance industry best practice for rough and polished diamond tenders, through the establishment of a Code of Conduct. Buyers and sellers can be assured of Koin’s ongoing commitment to enhancing industry standards and practices.

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Member of iTraceiT, a highly secure traceability solution that combines AI and blockchain to track  diamonds and other products at all stages in the product supply chain.

Appointments & Viewings

All viewings take place in state of the art fully-equipped facilities in Dubai, Antwerp or Ramat Gan. Locations are secured with cameras, overnight safe and courier services, and insurance. Viewers are drawn from a client base of over 2,000 global buyers, allowing us to match exactly the right goods to the right buyers.

  • Pre-approved buyers ensure full KP and AML compliance
  • The high volume of appointment requests is managed by our sophisticated profile and vetting process for each sale, ensuring that the right buyers are prioritised for the production/s on sale
  • Parcels are live-tracked and managed by our proprietary RFID lot tracking application, ensuring a smooth and efficient viewing process for buyers, enhanced security, and providing detailed reporting and statistics of both buyer and lot performance
Koin Rough Diamond
Blue and white diamonds
Blue rough natural diamond
Koin rough natural diamonds


Bidding takes place over our custom-developed Bidding Platform. 

  • The Koin.bid proprietary bidding platform has been custom engineered to ensure a seamless, secure and user-friendly experience for high-value bidding transactions. Leveraging robust, secure servers and end-to-end encryption, we’ve fortified the bidding system against potential data breaches, unauthorised access, and collusion. This ensures absolute confidence in the safety and integrity of the bidding process. 
  • At bid close full results and a suite of reports is instantly available, incorporating bidding patterns and various other metrics. 
  • Customisable reports according to supplier requests are also possible. 
  • We offer sealed bid tender capabilities, with auction services coming soon.


We are a full service international tender house with a comprehensive suite of services available to buyers and suppliers.

  • Coordination of all shipments, whether import or export, in line with KP and customs processes
  • Deep boiling
  • Lot preparation including labelling, QR codes and RFID tagging, as well as further risk management, security and viewing procedures
  • Assortments and evaluation: 
    • Preparing of mining productions into assortments as per mine production and buyer/manufacturer demand, to ensure maximum price gains
    • Valuation services based on historical data, latest industry movements, and current market behaviours
  • Galaxy scanning
  • Marketing and branding of productions
  • Profiling and pre-vetting of buyers
  • Appointment management
  • Hosting and managing tender events (single or multiple locations)
  • Provision of analysis and reports
  • Invoicing
  • Collecting and disbursement of monies
  • Various supply options available, including pre-finance, purchase, partnerships (exceptional stones) and/or direct supply to tender
  • Rough, polished, gemstone and lab-grown tender/auction sales
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